Colne Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme

Groundwork is leading a partnership of organisations in a bid to bring over £2m into the Colne Valley Regional Park and neighbouring areas! The Scheme is called ‘Colne Valley – Landscape on the Edge’ and covers an area of 126km2 In November 2016, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded Development Stage funding which will support the partnership in developing the detail. Ewa Prokop (Programme Manager) will be in post until March 2018 to help partners pull together all the information required. The partnership will learn whether it has been successful with the bid in June 2018. The Delivery Stage will then run for a period of three years.

Through the Scheme the partnership will take steps to bring a cherished landscape back from the brink of irreversible decline by coordinating conservation work as well as help connect communities with heritage and enable them to take ownership. The aims are:

  • To restore and strengthen the landscape character and its visibility, focussing on key habitats intrinsic to the landscape, providing resilience and the ability to sustain the landscape in the long term.
  • To reconnect local communities with the heritage, raising awareness of the Colne Valley to more and a wider range of people through learning activities, information and interpretation resources, cultural events and volunteering.
  • To invest in skills to enable the stewardship, at grassroots level, of the landscape based on a specialised and locally specific volunteer and training plan.
  • To create a robust, active and effective partnership for managing the landscape beyond the life of the Landscape Partnership Scheme.

At present 21 projects have been identified under 4 themes:

  • Preventing Water Vales from Being Extinct Project
  • Invasive Species Project
  • River Floodplain and Connectivity Project
  • River Signage Project
  • Weir Today, Gone Tomorrow Project
  • Angling & Nature Conservation Project
  • Conservation Grazing Project
  • Positive Management Project
  • River Wardens Project
  • Water Saving Project
  • Your Town/Village in the Colne Valley Project
  • Community Support Group Project
  • Ancient Woodlands Interpretation Project
  • Flowing Through the Colne Project
  • Walks Through a Changing Landscape Project
  • Windows to the Valley Project
  • Spatial Vision Project
  • Improving the Interface between Town & Country Project
  • A Bridge to the Country Project
  • Completing the Missing Links Project
  • Colne Valley Trail Project

Contact: Ewa Prokop (Programme Manager)

Office: Denham Country Park


Main switchboard: 01895 832662 Ext. 228

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